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Written by Shaun Bernstein

If we had a nickel for every time we heard that question…

It’s a fair question, and a great question because it means that most people who ask it have never had to use a restoration company. They’ve never lived in a property that’s been through serious damage like a flood, or haven’t had to rely on a third party service for repairs.

When something goes seriously wrong with your home, the first phone call you’ll make is to the insurance company. But behind the scenes, the next phone call is from the insurance company to Walton Restoration, and that’s why we’re the ones that show up at your door.

We arrive as soon as we can, and we’re well prepared to check out practically any situation. We’ll take the time that we need to assess the extent of the damage, figure out the root of the problem, and walk you through any questions you may have about the work.

From there, we make a plan as to how we’re going to do the repairs, and how long everything is going to take.

Your insurance broker or insurance company will help you understand what coverage you have, so we can ensure that you can get back to daily living as quickly as possible

So why do you need to know who we are?

Today you probably deal with far too many third-party service providers who are completely nameless and faceless. When you call for cable or internet repair, it’s usually a third-party technician contracted by your cable company. If you order an online delivery, often it no longer comes from the company or a known shipper, but from a third-party contract worker in their own van.

That does not mean that these companies aren’t doing fine work, but there’s no relationship there - they focus on getting the job done and moving onto the next call more than whether they’re doing the right thing for you and your family.

That’s why we’re different. When Walton Restoration comes to your door, we aren’t a faceless representative, or a company you’ve barely heard of.

We’re your neighbours, and we’ve proudly been servicing Durham Region for over four decades. The insurance company may not be able to know you face to face, but we do, and our mission is to make you happy with the work that we do.

At Walton Restoration we know that you may not have wanted to see us, but you’ll certainly be glad we came.

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