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Walton Restoration has a clean, secure, and climate controlled warehouse that we use to store customers contents while we manage the restoration of their property. The occurrence of a fire, smoke or water damage typically requires the handling and potential removal of contents to an off-site location.

A major concern for most of our customers is the ability to properly identify the contents and their conditions at the time of loss. Walton Restoration has the expertise and equipment to offer well-documented inventory service including a complete photo library of your contents and their condition.

Walton Restoration has a network of third-party contractors that we utilize for the specialized cleaning of valuable and/or sentimental belongings. For irreparably damaged contents, we will assist in the valuing of goods for insurance purposes. It is worth noting that damaged contents deteriorate quickly, but a fast response by restorers may be able to return the goods back to their original state. This is especially important for sentimental belongings that are truly priceless.

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