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Keeping Your Sump Pump Ready For The Worst

Have you ever had a sump pump fail?

If you have, you’d know, and if you haven’t, then you definitely would not want the experience!

You might not even realize that you have a sump pump in your basement, but when it’s doing its job it’s one of the best protections that your home can have. The sump is located in a small pit known as a basin in your basement, and it uses floats to monitor the water levels building within your home’s weeping tiles.

When the water levels are getting too high, the sump pump goes into action! It uses an attached drainage line to pump water away from your home, so that it does not keep elevating and collecting in your basement. 

As you can probably imagine, the consequences of that water collecting in a basement can be catastrophic. Without a mechanism to drain water away from your home, it will simply collect. Except water, of course, does not like to sit still. Instead, it tends to seep into house foundations, rots wood, and can lead to mould growth. 

So what happens then when that sump pump fails?

It can be an absolute disaster. While a small bit of water may not cause any significant issues, imagine what can happen in a severe rainstorm, or during one that causes flash flooding. Those incidents can overwhelm even a working sump pump, but if a pump is old, or potentially clogged, it may not be in shape to weather a disaster. 

The most frequent issue, though, is what happens during a power outage. If the power goes out during a severe storm, and is even out for long periods of time, that sump pump will not work on its own, and a sump pump failure is a simple recipe for disaster. 

When your sump pump fails, the Walton Restoration crew are usually the first ones at your door. We’ll go through what we can to assess the damage to see just how much water has collected and just how far it’s spread.

From there, we’ll first start on getting the water out of there, usually with some of our local colleagues in the community that can provide assistance. This might be a small job for a single wet vacuum or additional pump, or it could be something much more significant depending on the size of your property.

Then we need to focus on the actual restoration, which can be significant depending on where the water has travelled. Mould may be fairly straightforward to solve, but depending on the materials of your home an issue with rotting wood or an unstable foundation can create a tremendous imposition. Of course none of this includes the potential damage to sentimental property that’s impossible to replace through an insurance claim, like damaged family photos, or important documents that are now soaked. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution to all of this that, for a little bit of extra cash, can make this entire situation preventable. 

We recommend to anyone to install a TripleSafe sump pump system in their home or property. The triple safe provides security at three levels. The first is of course the standard sump pump, but it also comes with a second pump built in just in case there is an issue with the first pump.

More importantly, perhaps, is that the TripleSafe system also includes a battery backup. The battery backup means that your system will be unaffected by weather-related power outages, and can keep working in case the rest of your electricity goes down in a storm.

The reality is that the weather in our region is increasingly unpredictable. One heavy rainstorm, one flash flood, one heavy spring thaw is enough to take a tired and unstable sump pump offline, and leave you instead with a nasty surprise. Instead, for usually $500-$1500 for something top-of-the-line, you can prevent problems before they start, and ensure that your property is ready for just about anything. 


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